An Online Portfolio… and Blog

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‘Art’, even the mundane everyday kind (the light on a freshly cut apple), can, if we allow it, be a pathway through and into a deeper, more conscious way of living. This web portfolio offers a taste of my works, but it is also very simply, and hopefully, a portal.



Information about Simone’s work (web and graphic design, visual art works for sale or those in private collections), is available through the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, sponsoring galleries and shops, the National Film Board, The Bare Canvas Gallery or by contacting Simone directly.

All available Paintings, Sculptures and Photographs may be rented or purchased through individual arrangement.



One response to “An Online Portfolio… and Blog

  • Brian Allen Adams

    Art is about expressing the true nature of the human spirit in whatever way one wishes to express it. Your work is honest and beautiful,just like your spirit Simone! Was very nice meeting you…Thanks again and happy journey home…sending peace & love


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